IS tries to lure Washington into confrontation
Abdallah sleiman ali

The enticement game played between the US administration on the one hand, and the Islamic State (IS) on the other, lingers.
As Washington adopts a slow pace and attempts to create appropriate conditions for its real regional strategy without falling into the traps and swamps that it previously experienced, the other camp seems to be provoking and forcing the United States to deploy its troops on the ground by further slaughtering of US citizens.
In this context, the question is no longer whether IS is luring the United States, but rather why it is in a hurry to lure it and what for?
The latest IS escalation came with the announcement of the slaughter and decapitation of the US hostage Dr. Peter Edward Kassig in a video broadcast by the “Furqan Foundation” on Nov. 16 under the same audio recording title of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s “Despite the Disbelievers’ Hate.”
The video contains harsh parts about the slaughter of 15 people who were said to be Syrian soldiers. However, several web pages, both for and against the regime, questioned whether these were indeed soldiers and said that some of them were civilians from al-Tabaqa. The pages listed the names of six of these civilians: Ahmed Ali and his two sons, Mahmoud and Ali, Abdul Hamid Hamada, Abdul Karim Isaac and Imad Fawaz. These websites said that they were executed on charges of spying for the Syrian regime. However, it remains unsure whether the executed al-Tabaqa civilians, listed on these pages, are the same ones who appear in the video.

جاري التحميل
جاري التحميل